Rabbitt Eddy
1075 Drivin' my life away

Radios The
97285 Swimming in the pool
98014 She goes nana (Unplugged)

Ramazzotti Eros
96085 Pui bella cosa
97311 Quanto amore sei
98180 Terra promessa
99002 Dove c'e musica

Ramazzotti & Turner
98162 Cosa della vita

Rawls Lou
1 See you when I get there
181 Fine brown frame

Ray Charles
98122 I can't stop loving you

Raymond Jacques
97270 Smile (Disco)

Rea Chris
812 Drivin' home for Christmas
99223 Fool

Rebroff Ivan
97347 Kalinka

Red Axelle
420 Sensualite
96222 A tatons
99091 Se matin

Red Simply
96257 Angel

Redding Otis
249 Stand by me

Reed Lou
98281 Walk on the wildside

Reeves Jim
492 He'll have to go
98346 Distance drums
99073 I love you because

Regenboog Trio
98010 Op de woelige baren

Rembrandts The
97231 Theme from "Friends"

98052 Kijk om je heen

Rosenberg Marianne
10 Ich bin wie Du

Rich Charlie
99183 The most beautiful girl in the world

Richard Cliff
96166 Lucky Lips
97108 The day I met Mary
97123 Do ya wanna dance
98291 Angel
98293 Congratulations
98295 Bachelor boy
99102 Summer holiday
99103 The young ones

Richie Lionel
96007 Say you, say me
98264 Easy
98277 Stuck on you
98278 Dancing on the ceiling

Richman J.
98123 Egyptian reggea (Instr.)

Rimes Leann
98255 How do I live

Road Ahead The
99264 City to City

Robbins Marty

465 Devil woman
97068 El paso (Country)

Roberto Carlos
200014 Amigo

Roberts Malcolm
96212 Love is all

Robrecht P
97220 Storm

98102 Show me love

Roch Voisine
98170 I'll always be there

Roelvink Dries
98111 Door jou ga ik leven

Rogers & Parton
97252 Island in the stream

Rogers Kenny
343 Coward of the country
96261  Lady
96290 Lucille (Country-wals)
99011 She believes in me
99012 A love song
99082 Me and Bobby McGee
99130 Ruby

Rolling Stones The
98078 Saint of me

98144 Coming home

Ronstadt Linda
95125 It's so easy

97247 Swimmin' into deep water

Ross Diana
97091 Medley Diana Ross

Rosso Nini
99031 Il silenzio

Roussos Demis
232 Forever and ever

Royal Show Band
1069 The hucklebuck 1
96034 The hucklebuck 2

98043 It's like that

Ryan Barry
97027 Eloise Ryan Barry

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