C'est La Vie (F) Nevil, Robbie
C'est Magnifique (F#) (Can-Can)
C'est Moi (F) (Camelot)
C'mon And Ride It (The Train) (C#m) Quad City DJ's
C.C. Rider (A) Presley, Elvis
Cabaret (Bb) Minelli, Liza
Cabin In The Sky (Ab) (Standard)
Cadillac Style (D) Kershaw, Sammy
Cafe Down On The Corner (C) Sawyer Brown
Calendar Girl (F) Sedaka, Neil
California Dreamin' (Dbm) Mamas And The Papas
California Girls (B) Beach Boys
California, Here I Come (Dm-Bb) Jolson, Al
Call Me (Dm) Blondie
Call Me Irresponsible (G) Jones, Jack
Call On Me (A) Tucker, Tanya
Call The Man (Bb) Dion, Celine
Callin' Baton Rouge (D) Brooks, Garth
Calling In The Wind (F#) The Judds
Camas Separadas (Bb) Del Rio, Yolanda
Camelot (F) (Camelot)
Caminito (Fm) Iglesias, Julio
Can Anybody Hear Me? (D) Diamond, Neil
Can I Stay With You (F) White, Karyn
Can I Touch You...There? (Bm-C#m) Bolton, Michael
Can I Trust You With My Heart? (D) Tritt, Travis
Can U Get With It (Gm) Usher
Can We Talk (Dm) Campbell, Tevin
Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Bb) John, Elton
Can You Handle It? (C) Levert, Gerald
Can You Stop The Rain (Ebm-Gb-G) Bryson, Peabo
Cant' Be Really Gone (F) McGraw, Tim
Can't Break It To My Heart (F) Lawrence, Tracy
Can't Buy Me Love (C) Beatles
Can't Cry Anymore (G) Crow, Sheryl
Can't Even Get The Blues (D) McEntire, Reba
Can't Fight This Feeling (A) Reo Speedwagon
Can't Get Enough (Am) Debarge, El
Can't Get Enough Of Your Love (F) White, Barry
Can't Get Out Of This Mood (F) Vaughan, Sarah
Can't Give You Anything (But My Love) (B) Stylistics
Can't Help Falling In Love (D) Ub40
Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man Of Mine (Eb) (Show Boat)
Can't Help Myself (Bb) Levert, Gerald
Can't Hide Love (Fm) Earth Wind & Fire
Can't Keep A Good Man Down (G) Alabama
Can't Let Go  (F-F#) Carey, Mariah
Can't Smile Without You (G-Ab-A-Bb) Manilow, Barry
Can't Stay Away From You  (Db) Miami Sound Machine
Can't Stop Lovin' You (A) Van Halen
Can't Stop My Heart FromLovingYou(Bb)Neville, Aaron
Can't Stop Myself From Loving You (A) Loveless, Patty
Can't Stop The Music  (Cm) Village People
Can't Stop This Thing We Started (A) Adams, Bryan
Can't Take My Eyes Off You (F) Four Seasons
Can't We Be Friends (C#) Sinatra, Frank
Can't We Fall In Love Again (C) Hyman, Phyllis
Can't We Talk It Over (Eb) (Standard)
Can't We Try (C-Db-D) Shephard/Hill
Can-Can (F-G-Bb) (Can-Can)
Canadian Sunset (Gb) Williams, Andy
Candida (D-Eb) Orlando, Tony And Dawn
Candilejas (Ab-A-Bb) Iglesias, Julio
Candle In The Wind (E) John, Elton
Candle On The Water (C) (Disney)
Candy Man (G) Orbison, Roy
Candy Man, The (F-Gb) Davis, Sammy Jr
Canticle: Confitemini Domine (F) (Sound Of Music)
Captive Heart (Dm) Selena
Car Wash (D) Royce, Rose
Cara De Nino (Eb) Rivera, Jerry
Cara Mia (C) Jay And The Americans
Caravan (Fm) Ellington, Duke
Careless Whisper (Dm) Wham
Caribbean Queen (Dm) Ocean, Billy
Carnival (F#m) Merchant, Natalie
Carolina In The Morning (Db) (Standard)
Carousel Waltz, The (Instrumental) (Carousel)
Carrie (G) Europe
Carried Away (Ab) Strait, George
Carrying Your Love With Me (Bb)Strait, George
Caruso (Cm) Farina, Enrico
Casi Un Hechizo (C-D) Rivera, Jerry
Castle On A Cloud (Am) (Les Miserables)
Cat's In The Cradle, The (F) Chapin, Harry
Catch A Falling Star (B-C) Como, Perry
Cathy's Clown (A-B) McEntire, Reba
Cattle Call (F) Arnold, Eddy
Caught Up In The Rapture (D) Baker, Anita
Causing A Commotion (Cm) Madonna
Celebrate New Life (Db-Eb) Winans, Bebe & Cece
Celebration (Ab) Kool And The Gang
Centerfield (Db) (Children)
Certain Smile, A (F-F#) Mathis, Johnny
Chad Gadya (D) (Children)
Chain Gang (G) Cooke, Sam
Chain Of Fools (Gm) Black, C./Pointer Sisters
Chains (Fm-Gm) Arena, Tina
Champagne Supernova (A) Oasis
Chances Are (Bb) Mathis, Johnny
Change (Dm) Stansfield, Lisa
Change My Mind (D) Berry, John
Change Of Heart (B) The Judds
Change Partners (F) Bennett, Tony
Change, The World (E) Clapton, Eric
Changes In Latitudes, (D) Buffett, Jimmy
Chantilly Lace (Eb) The Big Bopper
Chapel Of Love (Db) Dixie Cups
Charade (Dm) Williams, Andy
Charlie Brown (Bb) Coasters
Chasin' That Neon Rainbow (G-A) Jackson, Alan
Chattahoochee (C) Jackson, Alan
Chattanooga Choo-Choo (C) Miller, Glenn
Cheap Seats, The (C) Alabama
Cheap Whiskey (D) McBride, Martina
Check Yes Or No (F) Strait, George
Cheek To Cheek (C-Eb) Berlin, Irving
Cheer Up (Gb-Ab) Hawkins, Tramaine
Cheeseburger In Paradise (D) Buffett, Jimmy
Chelsea Morning (E) Mitchell, Joni
Cherish (D) Madonna
Cherry Bomb (Ab) Mellencamp, John
Cherry, Cherry (Ab) Diamond, Neil
Chicago (That Toddling Town) (Eb-E) (Pal Joey)
Chicken Dance, Dance Little Bird (C)Kames, Bob
Child Again (Dbm) Chapman, Beth Nielsen
Children Will Listen (Ab-B) Streisand, Barbra
Chili Bom Bom (F) (Standard)
Chim Chim Cher-ee (Mary Poppins) (Cm-Dm) (Disney)
China Girl (G) Bowie, David
Chinatown, My Chinatown (G) (Standard)
Christmas  (G) (Tommy)
Christmas In Dixie (D) Alabama
Christmas Song (Bb) Cole, Nat "King"
Christmas Without You (Eb-E) Rogers/Parton
Chuck E's In Love (Bb) Jones, Rickie Lee
Chug-A-Lug (E-F-F#) Miller, Roger
Church Of Your Heart (G-A) Roxette
Church On Cumberland Road, The (F) Shenandoah
Ciao Bambina (C-Db) Farina, Enrico
Cirano (D) Jose Jose
Circle In The Sand (Dm) Carlisle, Belinda
Circle Of Life  (Bb) (Disney)
Circus (C#m)Clapton, Eric
City Lights (A) Price, Ray
City Of New Orleans (F) Nelson, Willie
City Put The Country Back In Me, The (D) McCoy, Neal
Clap Yo' Hands (F) (Standard)
Clementine (Eb-Ab) Darin, Bobby
Cleopatra, Queen Of Denial (A) Tillis, Pam
Climb Every Mountain (C-Db) (Sound Of Music)
Close Every Door To Me [Fm)Webber
Close My Eyes Forever (Am) Ford/Osborne
Close To You (They Long To Be) (G-Ab) Carpenters
Close Your Eyes (Gb) Ronstadt/Neville
Closer I Get To You, The (A) Flack, Roberta
Closing Time (Bb) Radney Foster
Clown In Your Rodeo (C#) Mattea, Kathy
Club Tropicana (Fm) Wham
Coalminer's Daughter (C-D-E) Lynn, Loretta
Coat Of Many Colors (A-B) Parton, Dolly
Cock-Eyed Optimist, A (F) (South Pacific)
Cockles And Mussels (D) (Irish Traditional)
Coffee Song, The (Bb-C) Sinatra
Coin De Rue (D) Trenet, Charles
Cold Chill (Abm) Wonder, Stevie
Cold, Cold Heart (D) Williams, Hank
Cold-Hearted (Gm) Abdul, Paula
Coles' Song (G) Lennon, Julian
Colonel Buffalo Bill  (C) (Annie Get Your Gun)
Color Of Night, The  (Dm) Christy, Lauren
Colors Of The Wind (PopVersion) (Bb)Williams, Vanessa
Colour My World (F) Chicago
Colour Of My Love, The (C#-C) Dion, Celine
Come A Little Bit Closer (Eb) Jay And The Americans
Come Along With Me (G) (Can-Can
Come And Talk To Me (Em) Jodeci
Come As You Are (Em) Nirvana
Come Baby Come (Ab) K-7
Come Back To Me (F) Monro, Matt
Come Back To Me, Lover (Bm) Howard, Miki
Come Cryin' To Me (B)Lonestar
Come Dance With Me (E) Jay And The Americans
Come Fly With Me (Bb) Sinatra, Frank
Come From The Heart (C) Mattea, Kathy
Come In From The Rain (F) Manchester, Melissa
Come In Out Of The Pain (A) Stone, Doug
Come Inside (Bm) Intro
Come Monday (A) Buffett, Jimmy
Come Next Monday (A) Oslin, K.T
Come On (Bbm) White, Barry
Come On, Let's Go (A) Valens, Richie
Come On-A My House (Bbm-Cm) Clooney, Rosemary
Come Prima (Bb) (Italian Traditional)
Come Rain Or Come Shine (Bb-B) Sinatra, F./Estefan, G
Come Saturday Morning (Eb) The Sandpipers
Come See About Me (D) The Supremes
Come Share My Love (Gb) Howard, Miki
Come Some Rainy Day (F#)Wynonna
Come To Jesus (Db) Hawkins, Walter
Come To My Window (G) Etheridge, Melissa
Come Together (Dm) Beatles
Come Undone (Cm) Duran Duran
Come With Me (D)Puff Daddy, featuring Jimmy Page
Come, Let's Worship Him (F-F#-A) Patti, Sandi
Comforter (Bm) Shai
Coming Around Again (Db) Simon, Carly
Coming Out Of The Dark  (E) Estefan, Gloria
Commitment (G)Rimes, Leann
Commitment Of Love (Bb) Watley, Jody
Como La Flor (Eb) Selena
Completely (D) Bolton, Michael
Con El Sentimiento Herido (Fm) Blanca Iris Villafane
Con Los Anos Que Me Quedan  (D-E) Estefan, Gloria
Conga  (Em) Miami Sound Machine
Conscious Party (Bb) Marley, Ziggy
Consider Yourself (G-Bb) (Oliver)
Constant Craving (Fm) Lang, k.d.
Contigo En La Distancia (F) (Latin Standard)
Control (Ebm) Jackson, Janet .
Cool  (C) West Side Story
Copacabana (Eb-G) Manilow, Barry
Copperline (E) Taylor, James
Core ngrato (D) Farina, Enrico
Cosas Del Amor (F) Carr, Vikki
Cottage For Sale (Db) Eckstine, Billy
Cotton Jenny  (C-D) Murray, Anne
Could I Have This Dance (Bb) Murray, Anne
Could I Leave You (Bb) Sondheim, Stephen
Could It Be I'm Falling In Love (A) Belle, Regina
Could We Start Again, Please? (D-Eb)Webber, A.L
Could You Be Loved (Bm) Marley, Bob
Could've Been (Db) Tiffany
Could've Been Me (G) Cyrus, Billy Ray
Count On Me (D) Houston, Whitney/Winans, CeCe
Count Your Blessings (F#) Crosby, Bing
Country til I Die (E) Anderson, John
Country Boy (G) Skaggs, Ricky
Country Boy Can Survive (D) Williams, Hank Jr.
Country Club (E) Tritt, Travis
Country Crazy (A) Little Texas
Country Is (C) Hall, Tom T
Country Road (C-C#) Parton, Dolly
Country Sunshine (C) West, Dotty
Couple Of Good Years Left, A (B) Van Shelton, Ricky
Cover Girl (Db-D) New Kids On The Block
Cover Me  (Cm) Springsteen, Bruce
Coward Of The County (B-C-Db) Rogers, Kenny
Cowboy Love (A) Montgomery, John Michael
Cowboy Rides Away, The (G) Strait, George
Cowboy Song, The (D) Brooks, Garth
Cowboys And Angels (E) Brooks, Garth
Cracklin' Rosie (Db-D) Diamond, Neil
Cradle Of Love (Bb) Idol, Billy
Crank It Up (Cm) Mylon & Broken Heart
Crash Course In The Blues (A) Wariner, Steve
Crawlin' King Snake (A) Hooker, John Lee
Crazy (Bb-B) Cline, Patsy
Crazy About Her (Gm) Stewart, Rod
Crazy Arms (E) Price, Ray
Crazy Baby (E) Osborne, Joan
Crazy Cool (F#) Abdul, Paula
Crazy For You (F) Madonna
Crazy He Calls Me (Db-D) Ronstadt, Linda
Crazy In Love (D) Twitty, Conway
Crazy In The Night (F) Carnes, Kim
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (D) Queen
Crazy Love (G) Neville, Aaron
Crazy Maze (Em) Des'Ree
Crazy Rhythm (F) (Standard)
Cree En Nuestro Amor (Eb-E) Secada, Jon
Creed (Dm-Bbm) Petra
Creep (G) Radiohead
Creepin' (Bb) Vandross, Luther
Criminal (C)Apple, Fiona
Crimson And Clover (B) James, Tommy & Shondells
Crocodile Rock (G) John, Elton
Cross My Broken Heart (E) Bogguss, Suzy
Cross The Room (Cm)Monica
Crossroads (B) Mosser, Jonell
Cruel Summer (C#m)Ace Of Base
Crumblin' Down (A) Mellencamp, John
Crush Paige, Jennifer
Crush With Eyeliner (A) R.E.M
Crushin' (Rap) Fat Boys
Cry (C) Ray, Johnnie
Cry Cry Cry (D) Highway 101
Cry For Help (G) Astley, Rick
Cry For You (Cm) Jodeci
Cry Me A River (E) Cocker, Joe
Cry Myself To Sleep (C) Judds, The
Cry Of The Wild Goose, The(Bbm-Bm-Cm)Laine, Frankie
Cry Wolf (E) Shaw, Victoria
Cryin' Time (A) Charles, Ray
Crying (D) Orbison, Roy
Crying Game, The (Em) Boy George
Crying In The Chapel (A) Presley, Elvis
Crystal Blue Persuasion (A-Bb) James,Tommy&Shondells
Cu-Cu-Rru-Cu-Cu Paloma (Ab) Iglesias, Julio
Cuando Caliente El Sol (Ab-A) Carr, Vikki
Cuidado Amor (Eb) Iglesias, Julio
Cult Of Personality (Gm) Living Colour
Cumme (Dm) Farina, Enrico
Cupid  (G) Cooke, Sam
Curiosity (Bm) Hall, Aaron
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