D-I-V-O-R-C-E (A) Wynette, Tammy
Da Doo Ron Ron  (Eb) Crystals, The
Daddy And Home (Ab) Tucker, Tanya
Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind (E) Conf. Railroad
Daddy Played First Base (G) (Children)
Daddy's Hands (D) Dunn, Holly
Daddy's Home (F) Shep & The Limelites
Daddy's Little Girl (Ab) (Standard)
Daddy's Money (D) Ricochet
Dallas (A) Jackson, Alan
Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover (A) Hawkins, Sophie B
Dance 4 Me (C#m) Williams, Christopher
Dance At The Gym, The(Instrumental)(West Side Story)
Dance Dance Dance (Fm) Chic
Dance Into The Light  (C) Collins, Phil
Dance Naked (F#) Mellencamp, John
Dance To The Music  (G) Sly And The Family Stone
Dance With Life (Bb) Ferry, Brian
Dance With The OneThatBrought You(C)Twain, Shania
Dancing (Db) (Hello Dolly)
Dancing In The Dark (F) Bennett, Tony
Dancing In The Street (E) Martha & The Vandellas
Dancing Machine (Abm) Jackson Five
Dancing On The Ceiling (C-D) Richie, Lionel
Dancing Queen (A) ABBA
Dancy's Dream (C) Restless Heart
Dang Me (F) Miller, Roger
Dangerous (E) Roxette
Daniel (C) John, Elton
Danke Schoen (Eb-G) Newton, Wayne
Danny Boy (Bb) (Irish Traditional)
Danny's All Star Joint (F) Jones, Rickie Lee
Danny's Song (E) Murray, Anne
Dare Me (Em) Pointer Sisters
Dare To Dream (Eb) Griffin, G./Gumbs, O.A.
Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup (Eb) Cole, Nat "King"
Darn That Dream (C) Riddle, Nelson
Darned If I Don't (Danged If I Do) (Ab) Shenandoah
Daughter Of Rosie O'Grady (Eb) (Standard)
Davy Crockett (F-G) (Disney)
Dawn (Bb) Four Seasons
Day After That, The (F#-A)(Kiss Of The Spider Woman)
Day After That, The (F#-A) Minelli, Liza
Day By Day (F) (Godspell)
Day In The Life Of A Fool, A (Bbm) Jones, Jack
Day In The Life, A (G-E) Beatles
Day In, Day Out (Ab) Sinatra, Frank
Day Tripper (E) Beatles
Day-O (F#) Belafonte, Harry
Dayainu (C-D) (Hebrew Traditional)
Daydream Believer (Bb) Murray, Anne
Daydreamin (Bbm)Ali, Tatyana
Dayenu (C) (Children)
Days Of Wine And Roses (F) Williams, Andy
Daystar (Shine Down On Me) (F) Gaither Vocal Band
Daytime Friends (G) Rogers, Kenny
Deacon Blues (G) Steely Dan
Dead Man's Curve (F#) Jan & Dean
Dear Heart (F) Williams, Andy
Dear Hearts And Gentle People (D) Crosby, Bing
Dear Mama (Rap) 2PAC
Dear Me (Bb-F) Morgan, Lorrie
Dear Old Donegal (C) (Irish Traditional)
December (G) Collective Soul
December 1963 (Oh, What A Night) (C#) Four Seasons
Deck The Halls (F) (Christmas)
Declaration Of Love (E-G) Dion, Celine
Dedicated To The One I Love (G)Mamas And The Papas
Deep Down (A) Tillis, Pam
Deep Inside Of You (C) Diamond, N./Chapman, B.N
Deep Purple (F) (Standard)
Deeper And Deeper (Gm)Madonna
Deeper Love, A (Em)Franklin, Aretha
Deeper Than The Holler (E)Travis, Randy
Deja Blue (E)Cyrus, Billy Ray
Delilah (Am-C)Jones, Tom
Delta Dawn (C)Midler, Bette
Demasiado Tarde (D) (Latin Standard)
Desiree (C)Diamond, Neil
Desperado (Ab)The Eagles
Devil And YourDeepBlueEyes(A)Sweeth. Of The Rodeo
Devil Inside (C)Inxs .
Devil Went Down To Georgia,The(Dm)C. Daniels Band
Diamonds And Tears (E)Bogguss, Suzy
Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend(Bb)Monroe, Marilyn
Diamonds Are Forever (Bm) Shirley Bassery
Diana (G)Anka, Paul
Dicitencello Vuie (Cm) (Neapolitan Traditional)
Did Your Mother Come From Ireland (Eb) Irish Trad.
Didn't Expect It To Go Down This Way (G)Oslin, K.T
Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time) (A-F)Belle,Regina
Didn't We Almost Have It All (Bb-G) Houston, Whitney
Difference Between Us, The (Gm)Turner, Tina
Different Drum (Db)Ronstadt, Linda
Diggin' Up Bones (C)Travis, Randy
Digging In The Dirt (Ebm)Gabriel, Peter
Diggin' On You (F#)TLC
Dim All The Lights (D-C)Summer, Donna
Dindi (C)Sinatra, Frank
Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead (Bb) (Wizard Of Oz)
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap  (Dm)Jett, Joan
Dirty Diana (G)Jackson, Michael
Diry Laundry (F-G)Henlen, Don
Disco Nights (Bbm)CQ
Dites-Moi (C) (South Pacific)
Dixie (C) (American Traditional)
Do, Do, Do (C)(Gershwin)
Do I Do (Bb)Wonder, Stevie
Do I Have To Say The Words (Dm-D)Adams, Bryan
Do I Hear A Waltz (F-Gb)Allen, Elizabeth
Do It Again (Gm)Steely Dan
Do It The Hard Way  (Eb) (Pal Joey)
Do It To Me (C)Richie, Lionel
Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me (G)Ellington, Duke
Do Re Mi (C) (Sound Of Music)
Do That To MeOneMore Time(C-D)Captain & Tennille
Do The Bartman (Rap) (Simpsons)
Do The Thangs (Am)Levert
Do Wah Diddy Diddy (E)Mann, Manfred
Do What You Gotta Do (Bb)Ronstadt, Linda
Do What You Have To Do (D) McLachlan, Sarah
Do Ya Think I'm Sexy (E)Stewart, Rod
Do Ya' (G)Oslin, K.T
Do You Believe In Magic (C)Lovin' Spoonful
Do You Believe In Us (Eb)Secada, Jon
Do You Know The Way To San Jose (C-Db)Warwick, D.
Do You Know What It Means To Miss N.Orleans(C-Db)
Do You Know Where Your Man Is (A-Bb)Tillis, Pam
Do You Love Me (Db) (Fiddler On The Roof)
Do You Love Me That Much (B-C#) Cetera, Peter
Do You Really Want Me (Show Respect) (C-Eb) Robyn
Do You Remember  (F)Collins, Phil
Do You Sleep? (E)Loeb, Lisa & Nine Stories
Do You Wanna Dance (D-Eb)Midler, Bette
Do You Wanna Get Funky (Fm)C & C Music Factory
Do You Want To Know A Secret (E)Beatles
Doctor Jones (Eb) Aqua
Doctor Time (Bb)Trevino, Rick
Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is (G)Chicago
Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind? (C)Strait,
Does He Love You? (A-E) Labelle, Patti
Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger (B)Pride, Charlie
Does That Blue Moon Ever shine On You? (C-D)Keith, T.
Doggin' Around (Bb)Wilson, Jackie
Doin' What Comes Naturally  (A) (Annie Get Your Gun)
Doing It All (For My Baby) (C)Lewis, Huey
Domino  (A)Van Morrison
Domino Dancing (Am)Pet Shop Boys
Don Quixote (Bm-Cm)Eder, Linda
Dondeqioera Que Estes (D)Selena.
Don't (D)Presley, Elvis
Don't Be Afraid (Eb)Hall, Aaron.
Don't Be Cruel (To A Heart That'S True) (D)Presley, Elvis
Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)(D)Twain,Shania
Don't Be That Way (Eb) (Standard)
Don't Believe My Heart Can StandAnother YouTucker, T.
Don't Blame Me (G) (Standard)
Don't Block The Blessings (C#-D)Labelle, Patti
Don't Call It Love (Eb-F)Parton, Dolly
Don't Close Your Eyes (G)Whitley, Keith
Don't Come Home A-Drinkin' (D)Lynn, Loretta
Don't Cry (Abm)GunsN' Roses
Don't Cry Daddy (D)Presley, Elvis
Don't Cry For Me Argentina  (B)Madonna(Dance Version)
Don't Cry Out Loud (Db-Eb)Allen, Peter
Don't Disturb This Groove (F#m)The System
Don't Drink The Water (D)Dave Matthews Band
Don't Ever Leave Me (Eb)Kern, Jerome
Don't Explain (Cm-Eb)Holiday, Billie
Don't Fence Me In (E)Crosby, Bing
Don't Get Around Much Anymore (A-B)Connick, Harry
Don't Get Me Started (A)Akins, Rhett
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (C)John, Elton/Rupaul
Don't Go Near The Water (G)Kershaw, Sammy
Don't Go Out (Bb)Tucker/Brown
Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue (G)Gayle, Crystal
Don't Know Much (Db-E)Neville/Ronstadt
Don't Leave Me (Dm)The Winans
Don't Leave Me This Way (C)Houston, Thelma
Don't Let Go (Love) (F)En Vogue.
Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight (D)Taylor, James
Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away (Eb)Gill, Vince
Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes (Ab)Como, Perry
Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying (E)Estefan, Gloria
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (C)John, Elton
Don't Make Me Over (D) Diamond, Neil
Don't Mean Nothing (C) Marx, Richard
Don't Rain On My Parade (A) Streisand, Barbra
Don't Rock The Jukebox (G) Jackson, Alan
Don't Rush Me (Gm)Dayne, Taylor.
Don't Say Goodbye Girl (Bb-B)Campbell, Tevin
Don't Show Your Love (Am) Branigan, Laura
Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree (C#)Andrews Sisters
Don't Sleep In The Subway (G-Bb)Clark, Petula
Don't Speak (Fm)No Doubt
Don't Stand So Close (Gm)Police
Don't Stop (E)Madonna
Don't Stop Till You Get Enough (B)Jackson, Michael
Don't Take Away My Heaven (Bb)Neville, Aaron
Don't Take Her She's All I Got (Bb)Byrd, Tracy
Don't Take It Personal (Eb)Monica
Don't Take Me Down (C-D)Wilson Phillips
Don't Take The Girl (G)McGraw, Tim
Don't Take Your Love From Me (Db) (Standard)
Don't Tell Mama (Am) (Cabaret)
Don't The Girls All Get Prettier At Closing (C)Gilley, M.
Don't Think Twice, It'S Alright (D)Peter Paul And Mary
Don't Toss Us Away (E)Loveless, Patty
Don't Touch Me (A)Sealy, Jeanie.
Don't Touch Me There (C)McEntire, Reba
Don't Turn Around (Bm)Ace Of Base
Don't Walk Away (Ebm)Jade
Don't Wanna Fall In Love (F#m)Child, Jane
Don't Wanna Lose You (C-D)Richie, Lionel
Don't Want To Be A Fool (G)Vandross, Luther
Don't We All Have The Right (C)Van Shelton, Ricky
Don't Worry (E)Robbins, Marty
Don't Worry Bout Me (Db)Holiday, Billie
Don't Worry Bout Me, Baby (G)Fricke, Janie
Don't Worry, Be Happy (B)Mcferrin, Bobby
Don't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me? (F)Milsap, R.
Don't You Know That (Bbm)Vandross, Luther
Don't You Know What The Night Can Do(C)Winwood, S.
Don't You Want Me (Am)Watley, Jody
Dondequiera Que Estes (D)Selena/Barrio Boyzz
Donna (Gb)Valens, Richie
Down At The Twist And Shout (A)Carpenter, M-C.
Down By The Station (D-Eb)Four Preps
Down Came A Blackbird (G) McCann, Lila
Down Home (G)Alabama
Down In Flames (E)Blackhawk
Down In Tennessee (C)Chesnutt, Mark
Down Low (Bbm)Kelly, R
Down On Me (D)Joplin, Janis
Down On My Knees (E)Yearwood, Trisha
Down On The Corner (C)Creedence Clearwater Revival
Down On The Farm (Bb)McGraw, Tim
Down The Backstairs Of My Life (E)Rankin, Kenny
Down To My Last Teardrop (E)Tucker, Tanya
Down With Love (F)Arlen, Harold
Down With The King (Cm)Run Dmc
Downtown (F-F#)Clark, Petula
Downtown Lights (E)Lennox, Annie
Downtown Train (Bb)Stewart, Rod
Downtown Venus (B)P.M. Dawn
Dr. C.C. (F-F#)Carter, Clarence
Dr. Feelgood (Dm)Motley Crue
Drag City (G-Bb)Jan & Dean
Dream (Ab)Sinatra, Frank
Dream A Little Dream Of Me (C)Mamas And The Papas
Dream Away (From (B-C#)Stansfield, L./Babyface
Dream Baby (F)Orbison, Roy
Dream In Color  (A-B)Belle, Regina
Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes, A (E-G) (Disney)
Dream Is Still Alive, The (F)Wilson Phillips
Dream Lover (C)Darin, Bobby
Dream On Dreamer (C#m)Brand New Heavies
Dreamin' (Abm)Williams, Vanessa
Dreaming Of You (Ab-Bb)Selena
Dreaming With My Eyes Open (F#)Walker, Clay
Dreamland (Em)Farina, Enrico
Dreamlover  (F)Carey, Mariah
Dreams (E)The Cranberries
Dreams (Higher And Higher) (C)Van Halen
Dress You Up (Bb)Madonna
Dressed For Success (F)Roxette
Drift Away (C#-D)Bolton, Michael
Drive (G)Wariner, Steve
Drive My Car (D)Beatles
Drive South (A)Bogguss, Suzy
Drivin' And Cryin' (G)Wariner, Steve
Drivin' My Life Away (E)Rabbitt, Eddie
Drowning (G)Hootie & The Blowfish
Drunk On Love (C#m)Basia
Dry Your Eyes (C)Brenda & The Tabulations
Duke Of Earl (F)Chandler, Gene
Dulcinea (F#)Hollywood Sound Stage Orchestra
Dumas Walker (G)Kentucky Headhunters
Dumb Girl (Em)Run DMC
Dust On The Bottle (B)Murphy, David Lee
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