Eagle When She Flies (E)Parton, Dolly
Early In The Morning (Fm)Palmer, Robert
Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine?) (G)The Penguins
Earth, The sun, The Rain (A-B)Color Me Badd
Ease On Down The Road (G) (The Wiz)
Easier Said Than Done (E)Essex
Easier Said Than Done (B)Foster, Radney
East Of The Sun (Eb) (Standard)
Easter Parade (Bb) (Standard)
Easy Come, Easy Go (D)Strait, George
Easy Livin' (A)Holiday, Billie
Easy Lover  (Fm)Collins, Phil
Easy To Love (C) (Anything Goes)
Ebb Tide (E)Righteous Brothers
Ebony And Ivory (E)McCartney/Wonder
Echod Mi Yodea (Cm) (Children)
Edelweiss (F) (Sound Of Music)
Edge Of A Broken Heart  (Bb-B)Vixen
Edge Of Eternity (Dm)Wonder, Stevie
Edge Of Seventeen (Em)Nicks, Stevie
Eight Days A Week (D)Beatles
Eight Miles High (Em)Byrds
Eighteen WheelsAndADozen Roses (Ab)Mattea, Kathy
El Amor (Bbm)Iglesias, Julio
El Condor Pasa  (Em)Simon And Garfunkel
El Paso (D)Robbins, Marty
El Shaddai (C)Grant, Amy
El Toro Relajo (F)Selena
Eleanor Rigby (Em)Beatles
Electric Slide (C#)Griffith, Marcia
Electric Youth (Cm)Gibson, Debbie
Elegance (F) (Hello Dolly)
Ella Es (G)Fantasmas Del Caribe
Elmer's Tune (B-E)Miller, Glenn
Elivis & Andy (G)Confederate Railroad
Embraceable You (Eb-G)(Night Club Standards)
Emily (D)Bennett, Tony
Emotional Girl (B)Clark, Terri
Emotional Rescue (Bb)Rolling Stones
Emotions (Am)Carey, Mariah
Empty Chairs At Empty Tables (Les Miserables)
En Mi Viejo San Juan (Bb) (Latin Standard)
End Of The Innocence (Ab)Henley, Don
End Of The Road (Eb)Boyz II Men
End Of The World (C-Db)Davis, Skeeter
Endless Love (Bb)Vandross, L./Carey, M
Endless Summer Nights (A)Marx, Richard
Engine Engine Number 9 (C-Db)Miller, Roger
Enter In (Bb-C)Green, Steve
Eres Tu (D-Eb)Gorme, Eydie
Erie Canal (Dm-F) (Children)
Es Ist Ein Ros Entsprungen (Eb) (Christmas)
Escapade (Ab)Jackson, Janet
Ese Amor Que HayQue Causar (Am)(Latin Traditional)
Eso Es El Amor (Am-Bbm)Gorme, Eydie
Eso No Mas (Dm-D)Jose Jose
Esos Hombres (Gm)Carr, Vikki
Eternal Flame (G)The Bangles
Even If I Tried (Bb)Emilio
EvenIfMyHeartWould Break(G-A)Neville, A./Kenny G
Even Now (B-C)Manilow, Barry

Even The Nights Are Better (C)Air Supply
Evergreen (A)Streisand, Barbra
Everlasting Love (Bb) Commissioned
Everlasting Love (G)Estefan, Gloria
Every Breath You Take (Bb)Police
Every Day (Eb)Holly, Buddy
Every Day I Have The Blues (Ab)Williams, Joe
Every Fool Has A Rainbow (D)Haggard, Merle
Every Heartbeat (A)Grant, Amy
Every Little Kiss (Bb)Hornsby, Bruce & Range
Every Little Step (Abm)Brown, Bobby
Every Little Thing (A-B)Carter, Carlene
Every Once In A While (E)Blackhawk
Every Picture Tells A Story (D)Stewart, Rod
Every Rose Has Its Thorn (G)Poison
Every Thing That Touches You (G)The Association
Every Time I Close My Eyes (F)Babyface
Every Time I Get Around (D)Murphy, David Lee
Every Time My Heart Calls Your Name (C)Berry, John
Every Time Two Fools Collide (Eb)Rogers/West
Every Time You Touch Me (I Get High) (Eb)Rich, Charlie
Every Woman In The World (A-B)Air Supply
Everybody (Backstreet's Back) (Bbm) Backstreet Boys
Everybody Hurts (D)R.E.M
Everybody Knows (Bbm)Henley, Don
Everybody Loves A Lover (E)Day, Doris
Everybody Loves My Baby (Cm-Eb) (Standard)
Everybody Loves Somebody (Eb)Martin, Dean
Everybody Loves To Cha Cha Cha (E)Taylor, James
Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (C)Blues Brothers
Everybody Plays The Fool (Bb)Neville, Aaron
Everybody Says Don't (From (Bb)Streisand, Barbra
Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Eb)Tears For Fears
Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) (Am)Rozalla
Everybody's Somebody'S Fool (Gb-G-Ab)Francis, Connie
Everybody's Talkin' (E)Nilsson, Harry
Everybody, Everybody (Fm)Black Box
Everyday  (Eb)Collins, Phil
Everyday Is A Winding Road  (C#)Crow, Sheryl
Everyday Of The Week (F#m)Jade
Everyday The Same (G)The Winans
Everything (C)Watley, Jody
Everything Changes (Gb)Troccoli, Kathy
(Everything I Do) I Do It For You (C#)Brandy
Everything I Have Is Yours (Db)Eckstine, Billy
Everything I Love (E)Jackson, Alan
Everything I Own (A)Bread
Everything Is Beautiful (F-G-A)Stevens, Ray
Everything Old Is New Again (C-Eb)Allen, Peter
Everything That You Want (Bbm)McEntire, Reba
Everything Your Heart Desires (B)Hall & Oates
Everything's Coming Up Roses (C)Merman, Ethel
Everywhere You Go (Bb)Riddle, Nelson
Evil Man's Blues (F)Williams, Joe
Evil Ways (Gm)Santana
Except For Monday (G-A)Morgan, Lorrie
Exhale (Shoop, Shoop) (C#)Houston, Whitney
Expect Your Blessing (F)Caesar, Shirley
Express Yourself (G)Madonna
Expressway To Your Heart (Gb)Blues Brothers
Eyes That See In The Dark (E)Idol, Billy
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