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Jack And Diane (A)Mellencamp, John
Jackson (G)Hazelwood/Sinatra, N
Jackson (A)Sinatra, N./Hazelwood, L
Jacob's Ladder (F)Lewis, Huey
Jailhouse Rock (Eb)Presley, Elvis
Jamaica Farewell (D)Belafonte, Harry
Jambalaya (On The Bayou) (C)Williams, Hank
Jamming (Bm)Marley, Bob
Janie Baker's Love Slave (F)Shenandoah
Jazzman (C)King, Carole
Je Chante (C)Trenet, Charles
Jealous (Bb)Paul, Les & M. Ford
Jealous Bone (Bm)Loveless, Patty
Jealous Guy (F#)Collective Soul
Jealousy (C)Merchant, Natalie
Jealousy (Am)Stevie V
You Were A Lady (C) Jeannie Marie,
Jeepers Creepers (F) (Standard)
Jessie (G)Kadison, Joshua
Jesus And Mama (B)Confederate Railroad
Jesus Christ Superstar (E)Webber, A.L
Jesus Is Everywhere (F)Caesar, Shirley
Jesus Is Just Alright (Am)Doobie Brothers
Jesus Is Waiting (Gb)Hawkins, Walter
Jesus Loves Me (C)Houston, Whitney
Jesus To A Child (C#m)Michael, George
Jesus, He Knows Me  (Ebm)Genesis
Jet (A)McCartney, Paul
Jet Song  (F-C) (West Side Story)
Jingle Bell Rock (D) (Christmas)
Jingle Bells (G) (Christmas)
Jive Talkin' (C)The Bee Gees
Joanna (Bb)Kool And The Gang
John Deere Green (G-A)Diffie, Joe
Johnny B. Goode (A)Berry, Chuck
Johnny One Time (F)Lee, Brenda
Jolene (C#m)Parton, Dolly
Josie (Fm)Steely Dan
Journey To The Past (C#-D#) (Anastasia) Aaliyah
Joy (Eb-F)Houston, Whitney
Joy To The World (D)Three Dog Night
Joyful, Joyful (E-F) (Sister Act II)
Joyride (A)Roxette
Jukebox In My Mind (Bb)Alabama
Julida Polka (G-C) (Standard)
Jump (Rap)Kris Kross
Jump (C)Van Halen
Jump (For My Love) (G-A)Pointer Sisters
Jump Around (Rap)House Of Pain
Jump For Joy (Gm-Eb)Ellington, Duke
Jump Start My Heart (Cm)Cole, Natalie
Jump They Say (C)Bowie, David
Jumpin' Jack Flash (Bb)Rolling Stones
June In January (F-F#)Crosby, Bing
June Is Bustin' Out All Over (A) (Carousel)
Jurame  (Cm-C)Iglesias, Julio
Just A Closer Walk With Thee (Bb) (Gospel)
Just A Friend (Rap)Biz Markie
Just A Gigolo (Ab)Roth, David Lee
Just A Girl (D)No Doubt
Just A Little Bit Of Love (Dm) Dion, Celine
Just A Touch Of Love (F#m)C + C Music Factory
Just About Now (Ab)Hill, Faith
Just Another Day (Em)Secada, Jon
Just Another Dream (Cm)Dennis, Cathy .
Just Another Love (D)Tucker, Tanya
Just Another Rainy Day Love (G-Ab)Moline, Bobby
Just Another Woman In Love (Bb)Murray, Anne
Just Around The Riverbend  (C) (Pocahontas)
Just As I Am (Bb-C)Van Shelton, Ricky
Just Because (Eb)Price, Lloyd
Just Can't Wait To Be King, I (F#-G) (Walt Disney)
Just Don't Want To Be Lonely (F)Belle, Regina
Just For Tonight (Ebm-A)Williams, Vanessa
Just In Case (G)Forester Sisters
Just In Time (Bb)Desmond, Johnny
Just Like A Woman (F)Dylan, Bob
Just Like Anyone (D)Soul Asylum
Just Like Jesse James (A)Cher
Just Like New (G)Wynonna
Just Like Paradise (D)Roth, David Lee
Just Like Starting Over (A)Lennon, John

Just Like The Weather (C)Bogguss, Suzy
Just My Imagination (C)Temptations
Just Once (C-D)Ingram, James
Just Once In My Life (D)Righteous Brothers
Just One Look (F)Troy, Doris
Just One More Chance (Db)Holiday, Billie
Just One Of Those Things (Db)Porter, Cole
Just Shall Live, The (Eb-Bbm)Hawkins, Walter
Just Someone I Used To Know (D)Parton, Dolly
Just Take My Heart (C-D)Mr. Big
Just Tell Her Jim Said "Hello" (C)Presley, Elvis
Just The Lonely Talking Again (F)Houston, Whitney
Just The Two Of Us (Fm)Withers, Bill
Just The Way You Are (D)Joel, Billy
Just To Hold You Once Again  (F#)Carey, Mariah
Just To See You Smile (F#) McGraw, Tim
Just Walking In The Rain (F-Ab)Ray, Johnnie
Just You Wait (Eb-C) (My Fair Lady)
Justify My Love  (Rap)Madonna


Kansas City (Ab) (Oklahoma)
Kaw Liga (Em)Williams, Hank
Kazatzke (Instrumental) (Yiddish Traditional)
Keep Givin' Me Your Love (C#)Peniston, Ce Ce
Keep It Comin' (E)C + C Music Factory
Keep It To Yourself (G)Williamson, Sonny Boy
Keep On Growing  (A)Crow, Sheryl
Keep On Running (A)Spencer Davis Group
Keep On Singing (Eb-E-F)Reddy, Helen
Keep On Walkin' (Gb-G)Peniston, Cece
Keeper Of The Flame (G)Page, Martin
Keeper Of The Stars, The (D)Byrd, Tracy
Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now (F)Waller, Fats
Kemah, Kemah (C) (Children)
Kentucky Rain (C)Presley, Elvis
Kentucky Woman (B)Diamond, Neil
Key Largo (G)Higgins, Bertie
Key's In The Mailbox, The (D)Mandrell, Barbara
Ki Lo Na'eh (C) (Children)
Kick A Little (E)Little Texas
Kick It Up (B)Montgomery, John Michael
Kickin' And Screamin' (A)Brooks, Garth
Kickin' It (Cm)After 7
Kid-Rapped  (Rap)Blank, Kenny
Kids Say The Darndest Things (C-Db-D)Wynette, Tammy
Killer Joe (D)Rocky Fellers
Killing Me Softly (G)The Fugees
Killing Me Softly With His Song (Ab)Flack, Roberta
Killing Time (G)Black, Clint
Kind And Generous (Eb)Merchant, Natalie
Kind Of Magic (A)Queen
King Is Gone, The (Eb-E)McDowell, Ronnie
King Of The Road (C-Db)Miller, Roger
King Of Who I Am, The (Ab-A)Roman, Lula/Taft, Russ
Kiss (Ab)Prince
Kiss An Angel Good Morning (E)Pride, Charlie
Kiss From A Rose (G)Seal
Kiss Him Goodbye (A)The Nylons
Kiss Me Deadly  (C)Ford, Lita
Kiss Me In The Car (C#)Berry, John
Kiss Me In The Rain (C-D)Streisand, Barbra
Kiss Me, I'm Gone (E)Stuart, Marty
Kiss Of Life (A)Sade
Kiss On My List (C)Hall & Oates
Kiss The Girl  (C) (The Little Mermaid)
Kiss To Build A Dream On, A (C#) Armstrong, Louis
Kiss You All Over (C)Exile
Kisses On The Wind (D)Cherry, Nenah
Kissin' Bug Boogie (C)Ford, Tennessee Ernie
Kissin' Cousins (F#)Presley, Elvis
Kissing A Fool (Eb)Michael, George
Kissing You (B)Evans, Faith
Knock On Wood (E)Bolton, Michael
Knock Three Times (Db-D)Orlando, Tony And Dawn
Knocks Me Off My Feet (C)Jones, Donell
Knocked Out (Dm)Abdul, Paula
Knockin' Boots (Rap)Candyman
Knockin' On Heaven's Door (G)Dylan, Bob
Know By Now (C#)Palmer, Robert
Knowing Me, Knowing You (D)Abba
Kodachrome  (A)Simon, Paul
Kokomo (C)Beach Boys
Kumbaya (D)Baez, Joan

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