L'accordeoniste (C)Piaf, Edith
L'ame Des Poetes (A)Trenet, Charles
L-O-V-E (G-Ab)Cole, Natalie
L.A. Woman (A)The Doors
La Bamba (C)Valens, Richie
La Foule (Em)Piaf, Edith
La Goualante Du Pauvre Jean (Eb)Piaf, Edith
La Hija De Nadie (C)Del Rio, Yolanda
La Isla Bonita (Cm)Madonna
La Llamada (C)Selena
La Mer (C)Trenet, Charles
La Puerta (Ab)Miguel, Luis
La Strada Nel Bosco (D-Eb)Farina, Enrico
La Vie En Rose (E)Piaf, Edith
Ladies Who Lunch, The (F)Streisand, Barbra
Lady (Eb)Rogers, Kenny
Lady Bird (F#m)Sinatra, N./Hazelwood, L
Lady Is A Tramp, The (Bb)Sinatra, Frank
Lady Love (C)Rawls, Lou
Lady Madonna (A)Beatles
Lady Marmalade (Gm)Labelle
Lady Willpower (D-Eb)Puckett, Gary
Lambada (Dm)Kaoma
Lamp Is Low, The (Eb) (Standard)
Land Of Confusion  (Ebm)Genesis
Land Of Make Believe (Bb)Satterfield, E./Mangione
Land Of The Living (E) Tillis, Pam
Landslide (A)Newton-John, Olivia
Last Dance (Eb-F)Summer, Donna
Last Date (C-D)Harris, Emmylou
Last LullabyForSleepyhead/SleepInPeace(G-C) [Child.]
Last Night Of The World, The (B-D) (Miss Saigon)
Last Night When We Were Young (E)Sinatra, Frank
Last Night's Letter (Cm) K-Ci & JoJo
Last One To Know, The (D)McEntire, Reba
Last Song, The (Db)John, Elton
Last Time I Saw Him (E-F)Ross, Diana
Last Time I Saw Paris, The (G)Kern, Jerome
Last Time, The (C)Midler, Bette
Last Train To Clarksville (G)Monkees
Last Worthles Evening, The (F)Henley, Don
Lastima Que Seas Ajena (A)Fernandez, Vicente
Lately (C#-D#)Wonder, Stevie
Laughter In The Rain (F)Sedaka, Neil
Laura (G) (Standard)
Lavender Blue - Dilly, Dilly (C) (Disney)
Lawdy, Miss ClaWdy (A)Price, Lloyd
Lay Down Sally (A)Clapton, Eric
Lay It On Down (G)Carroll, Bruce
Lay Your Hands On Me (D)Bon Jovi
Lay Your Head On My Pillow (Gm)Tony! Toni! Tone!
Lay, Lady, Lay (A)Dylan, Bob
Layla (Mtv Unplugged) (Dm)Clapton, Eric
Lazy River (Eb)Darin, Bobby
Le Freak (Am)Chic
Le Jardin Extraordinaire (C)Trenet, Charles
Le Piano De La Plage (F-G)Trenet, Charles
Lead Me Not (C-D)White, Lari
Lead Me On (Bb)Lynn/Twitty
Lead Me, Guide Me (F)Presley, Elvis
Leader Of The Band (Ab)Fogelberg, Dan
Leader Of The Pack (C-Db)Shangrilas
Leah (E-F)Orbison, Roy
Lean On Me (C)Withers, Bill
Leaning On The Everlasting Arms (Ab) (Gospel)
Learn To Be Still (F#)Eagles
Learn Your Lessons Well (C) (Godspell)
Learnin' The Blues (A-Bb)Sinatra, Frank
Learning As You Go (G)Trevino, Rick
Learning To Live Again (F)Brooks, Garth
Leave It Alone (D)Forester Sisters
Leave Me Alone (Ab-A)Reddy, Helen
Leavin' (D)Tony! Toni! Tone!
Leavin' On Your Mind (G)Cline, Patsy
Leavin's Been A Long Time Comin' (E)Shenandoah
Leaving On A Jet Plane (G) Denver, John
Leise Rieselt Der Schnee (F) (Christmas)
Les Amants (A)Piaf, Edith
Les Amants D'un Jour (Dm)Piaf, Edith
Les Poissons  (G) (The Little Mermaid)
Let Go (G)Brother Phelps
Let Go Of The Stone (C)Anderson, John
Let Her Cry (G)Hootie & The Blowfish
Let It Be (C)Beatles
Let It Be Me (Bb)Butler, Jerry
Let It Flow (C)Braxton, Toni
Let It Rain (E)Chesnutt, Mark
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow (F) (Christmas)
Let Me Be The One (G)Blessid Union Of Souls
Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear (C)Presley, Elvis
Let Me Into Your Heart (C)Carpenter, Mary-Chapin
Let Me Make Love To You (Ab-Bb)Belle, Regina
Let Me Sing And I'm Happy (Ab)Jolson, Al
Let Me Tell You About Love (C)The Judds
Let That Pony Run (C)Tillis, Pam
Let The Good Times Roll (A)Tucker, Tanya
Let The Music Lift You (F)McEntire, Reba
Let The Music Play (Am)Thom
Let There Be Praise (Eb-F)Patti, Sandi
Let Us Pray (C-D)Presley, Elvis
Let Yourself Go (Gm)Berlin, Irving
Let's Be Lovers Tonight (F)Moline, Bobby
Let's Call The Whole Thing Off (F)Connick, Harry
Let's Chase Each Other Around TheRoom(Bb)Hagg.Mrl
Let's Dance (Bm)Bowie, David
Let's Do It (Bb)Porter, Cole
Let's Face The Music And Dance (F)Fitzgerald, Ella
Let's Fall In Love (Bb)Sinatra, Frank
Let's Fall To Pieces Together (Ab)Strait, George
Let's Get It On (F)Gaye, Marvin
Let's Go Crazy (Gb)Prince
Let's Go Get Stoned (D)Charles, Ray
Let's Go Through The Motions (D)Jodeci
Let's Go To Las Vegas (G)Hill, Faith
Let's Groove Tonight (Dm)Earth, Wind & Fire
Let's Hang On! (G)Four Seasons
Let's Hear It For The Boy (C-D)Williams, Deniece
Let's Live For Today (C#m)Grassroots
Let's Lock  Door  Throw Away The Key (G)Jay A T Am.
Let's Make A Night To Remember (C-D)Adams, Bryan
Let's Stay Together (B)Turner, Tina
Let's Stop Talking About It (F)Fricke, Janie
Let's Talk About Love (Bb-F) Dion, Celine
Let's Talk About Us (G)Presley, Elvis
Let's Twist Again (F)Checker, Chubby
Let's Wait Awhile (C#-D)Jackson, Janet
Letitgo (Ebm)Prince
Letter From The Front (C)Mylon & Broken Heart
Letter Home (A)Forester Sisters
Letters Have No Arms (F)Tubb, Ernest
Letting Go (C-F)Bogguss, Suzy
Lia (Abm-Am)Iglesias, Julio
Lida Rose / Will I Ever Tell You (F#-G) (Music Man)
Liechtensteiner Polka (F-C) (Standard)
Life #9 (E)McBride, Martina
Life As We Knew It (D)Mattea, Kathy
Life Gets Away (Ab)Black, Clint
Life Goes On (G)Little Texas
Life Holds On (Eb)Chapman, Beth Nielsen
Life Is A Highway (F)Cochrane, Tom
Life Keeps Moving On (C#)Adams, Oleta
Life Upon The Wicked Stage (F) (Show Boat)
Life's Little U PS And Downs (E)Van Shelton, Ricky
Life's Too Short To Love Like That (E)Hill, Faith
Lifestyles Of The Not So Rich & Famous (E)Byrd, Tracy
Lift Every Voice And Sing (G)(Black National Anthem)
Lift Me Up (Fm-Gbm)Hawkins, Tramaine
Lift Up The Lord (B)Patti, Sandi
Light In Your Eyes, The (C#)Rimes, Leann
Light My Fire (Am)The Doors
Light Of A Clear Blue Morning (F#)Parton, Dolly
Light Of The World (Eb) (Godspell)
Lightly Row (D-Eb) (Children)
Lights (D)Journey
Like A Prayer (F-Dm)Madonna
Like A River (C#)Simon, Carly
Like A Rolling Stone  (C)Dylan, Bob
Like A Virgin (G)Madonna
Like I Love You (A) Grant, Amy
Like Everyone She Knows (B)Taylor, James
Like Father Like Son (E)Cartwright, Lionel
Like The Rain (E)Black, Clint
Like There Ain't No Yesterday (E)Blackhawk
Like We Never Had ABrokenHeart(C)Yearwood, Trisha
Lil' Bitty Pissant Country Place, A (Eb-E-F)(BL Whoreh)
Limbo Rock (A)Checker, Chubby
Linda On My Mind (A)Twitty, Conway
Linger (D)The Cranberries
Lion Sleeps Tonight, The  (F)Tokens
Lipstick On Your Collar (G)Francis, Connie
Lipstick Promises (A)Ducas, George
Listen And Follow Me (Dm) (Children)
Listen To The Music (E)Doobie Brothers
Listen To The Radio (Bb)Mattea, Kathy
Listen To What The Man Says (G)McCartney, Paul
Listen To Your Heart (Bm-Ebm) Roxette

Listen With Your Heart  (Gm) (Pocahontas)
Little Band Of Gold (E)Miller, Ned
Little Bird (E)Lennox, Annie
Little Bit In Love, A (G)Loveless, Patty
Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You, A (C)Monkees
Little Bit Of Heaven (F#)Stansfield, Lisa
Little Bit Of Heaven, A (Dm-Bb) (Irish Traditional)
Little Bit Of Love , A (E)Wynonna
Little Bit Of You, A (G)Parnell, Lee Roy
Little Bitty Pretty One (G)Harris, Thurston
Little Child (Am)Des'Ree
Little Darlin' (I Need You) (D)Doobie Brothers
Little Girl From Little Rock, A (Bb)Monroe, Marilyn
Little Girl Gone (C)Fargo, Donna
Little Good News, A (C-C#)Murray, Anne
Little Green Apples (F) (Standard)
Little Houses (D)Stone, Doug
Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action, A (A)Keith, Toby
Little Linda (D) (Standard)
Little Miracles (Cm-Dm) Vandross, Luther
Little Miss Honky Tonk (Bb)Brooks & Dunn
Little More Love, A (E)Gill, Vince
Little More Time With You (G) Taylor, James
Little Old Lady From Pasadena, The (Eb-F)Jan & Dean
Little Queenie (G)Lewis, Jerry Lee
Little Red Book (Ab)Drifters
Little Red Corvette (Bbm-Db)Prince
Little Rock (D)McEntire, Reba
Little Rock (C)Raye, Collin
Little Sister (E)Presley, Elvis
Little Things (F)Goldsboro, Bobby
Little Things (Bb)Tucker, Tanya
Little White Cloud That Cried, The (G)Ray, Johnnie
Little White Lies (Eb)Riddle, Nelson
Live A Little (C)Chesnutt, Mark
Live And Learn (Cm)Black, Clint
Live And Let Die (G) McCartney, Paul & Wings
Live And Let Live (C-G) (Can-Can)
Live For Loving You  (G)Estefan, Gloria
Live To Tell (Dm)Madonna
Live Until I Die (E-F)Walker, Clay
Live Your Life, Be Free (G)Carlisle, Belinda
Livin' On A Prayer (Dm)Bon Jovi
Livin' On Love (A)Jackson, Alan
Livin' On The Edge (D)Aerosmith
Living For The City (F#)Wonder, Stevie
Living In A Moment (G)Herndon, Ty
Living In America (Dm)Brown, James
Living In Danger (Bm)Ace Of Base
Living In The City (F)Des'Ree
Living In The Pages (G)Carroll, Bruce
Living On My Own (A)Mercury, Freddie
Liza (All The Clouds Roll Away) (Bb)Jolson, Al
Liza Jane (A)Gill, Vince
Lo Que Quedo De Mi (G)Jose Jose
Lock, Stock And Teardrops (F)Lang, k.d
Loco-Motion (Eb)Little Eva
Lollipop (Candyman) (Cm) Aqua
Lollipops And Roses (G)Jones, Jack
London Bridge Is Falling Down (C-Eb) (Children)
Loneliness, Sorrow And Grief (Em-Fm)Williams, Joe
Lonely Goatherd, The (Eb) (Sound Of Music)
Lonely Night (Angel Face) (Ab)Captain & Tennille
Lonely Room (Bm) (Oklahoma)
Lonely Side Of Love, The (C#)Loveless, Patty
Lonely Teardrops (G)Wilson, Jackie
Lonely Too Long (C#)Loveless Patty
Lonely Women Make Good Lovers (C#-D)Wariner, Steve
Lonesome Standard Time (Ab)Mattea, Kathy
Lonesome Town (C)Nelson, Ricky
Long Ago (C#m)Carey, Mariah
Long Ago (And Far Away) (F)Kern, Jerome
Long And Lasting Love, A (C)Gayle, Crystal
Long And Winding Road (Eb)Beatles
Long As I Live (G)Montgomery, John Michael
Long Haired Country Boy (D)Charlie Daniels Band
Long Lost Friend (A)Restless Heart
Long Run, The (C)The Eagles
Long Shot (Db)Baillie And The Boys
Long Tall Sally (F)Little Richard
Long Train Running (Gm)Doobie Brothers
Long Way Home (C#)Williams, Vanessa
Long White Cadillac (E)Yoakam, Dwight
Longer (C)Fogelberg, Dan
Longest Time, The (D)Joel, Billy
Longing In Their Hearts (A)Raitt, Bonnie
Longneck Bottle (D) Brooks, Garth
Look Around (D) (Will Rogers Follies)
Look At Little Sister (Eb)Vaughn, Stevie Ray
Look At Me Now (D)White, Bryan
Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee (A-Bb) (Grease)
Look At Us (Eb-E)Gill, Vince
Look Away (G)Hootie & The Blowfish
Look Heart, No Hands (C)Travis, Randy
Look Of Love (Dm)Brazil 66
Look Of Love, The (Dm)Baker, Anita
Look Out Any Window (B)Hornsby, Bruce & Range
Look To The Rainbow (C-Db-D)Labelle, Patti
Look What Followed Me Home (A)Ball, David
Look What Love Has Done (From The (B)Smyth, Patty
Look Who's Dancin' (Bb)Marley, Ziggy
Lookin' For Love (D)Lee, Johnny
Looking For A New Love (Am)Watley, Jody
Looking For Mr. Do Right (F#)Jade
Looking In (Em)Carey, Mariah
Looking Out For Number One (E)Tritt, Travis
Looking Through Patient Eyes (Bb)Pm Dawn
Looking Through Your Eyes (Bb) Rimes, Leann
Looking Up (Bbm)Gayle, Michelle
Looks Like We Made It (C-C#)Manilow, Barry
Looks That Kill (G)Motley Crue
Lord Have Mercy On The Working Man (A)Tritt, Travis
Lord Of All (Eb)Carman
Lorelei (Bb)Trenet, Charles
Loser (D)Beck
Losing My Mind (Ab-B)Sondheim, Stephen
Losing My Religion (Am)R.E.M
Losing You (E)Lee, Brenda
Lost In Love (G)Air Supply
Lost In The Fifties Tonight (F)Milsap, Ronnie
Lost In The Stars (Eb)Weill, Kurt
Lost In Your Eyes (C-D)Gibson, Debbie
Lost Without You (A)Winans, Bebe & Cece
Louie Louie (A)The Kingsmen
Louisiana Hayride (G) (Standard)
Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man (D)Lynn/Twitty
Love (A)Petra
Love A Little Stronger (A)Diamond Rio
Love And Affection (D)Nelson
Love And Happiness (Am)Mellencamp, John
Love And Marriage (Bb)Sinatra, Frank
Love And Understanding (Cm)Cher
Love At The Five And Dime (Bb)Mattea, Kathy
Love Bites (Cm)Def Leppard
Love Break (C#-D)Lasalle, Denise
Love Bug (A)Jones, George
Love By Grace (E)Wynonna
Love Can Build A Bridge (B)The Judds
Love Can Move Mountains (F)Dion, Celine
Love Changes Everything (A-Bb)Webber, A.L
Love Child (A)The Supremes
Love Don't Live Here Anymore (Gm)Madonna
Love Don't Love You (Fm)En Vogue
Love For Sale (Bbm)Porter, Cole
Love Gets Me Every Time (D) Twain, Shania
Love Has Come Of Age (E-F) (Jekyll & Hyde)
Love Her Madly (Am)The Doors
Love Hurts (Eb)Cher
Love In Any Language (Eb-E-G)Patti, Sandi
Love Is (C#)McKnight/Williams
Love Is A Battlefield (Dm)Benatar, Pat
Love Is A Good Thing (F#)Crow, Sheryl
Love Is A Hurtin' Thing (Eb)Rawls, Lou
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing (Eb-F)Williams, Andy
Love Is A Rose (C)Ronstadt, Linda
Love Is A Wonderful Thing (D-Eb)Bolton, Michael
Love Is Alive (E)The Judds
Love Is All Around (Bb)Wet Wet Wet
Love Is All We Need (Abm)Blige, Mary J
Love Is Forever (G-G#)Ocean, Billy
Love Is Here (Gm)Des'Ree
Love Is Just A Four Letter Word (G)Baez, Joan
Love Is Like A Heatwave (Eb)Martha & The Vandellas
Love Is On The Way (G-Ab) Dion, Celine
Love Is The Right Place (Eb) White, Bryan
Love Is Strange (Db-D)Rogers/Parton
Love Is Strong (A)Rolling Stones
Love Is Sweeping The Country (Eb) (Standard)
Love Is The Foundation (A)Lynn, Loretta
Love Is The Icon (Bb)White, Barry
Love Is The Seventh Wave (G)Sting
Love Lessons (E)Byrd, Tracy
Love Letters (F#-G#)John, Elton/Raitt, Bonnie
Love Letters In The Sand (C)CLine, Patsy
Love Lifted Me (Bb) (Gospel)
Love Lying Next To Me (A)Greenwood, Lee

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