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P.A.S.S.I.O.N. (Dm)Rythm Syndicate
P.S. I Love You (D)Beatles
Pacto De Amor (Dbm-Db) (Latin Standard)
Padam Padam (Bbm)Piaf, Edith
Pain Of Loving You, The (B)Dolly/Linda/Emmylou
Paint The Town And Hang The Moon (F)Crowley, J.C
Pal Joey  (Bb-D) (Pal Joey)
Papa Don't Preach (Fm)Madonna
Papa Loves Mambo (C-Db)Como, Perry
Papa Was A Rollin' Stone (Bbm)Temptations
Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (E)Brown, James
Papa, Can You Hear Me? (Bbm)Streisand, Barbra
Paper Roses (Ab-A)Mills Brothers
Paperback Writer (G)Beatles
Para Que No Me Olvides (Ab) (Latin Standard)
Paradise (A-B)Anderson, John
Paradise (Fm)Sade
Parents Just Don't Understand (Rap)Dj Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince
Parla Piu Piano (Cm)Farina, Enrico
Part Of Your World (Reprise)  (F) (The Little Mermaid)
Part-time Lover (Bbm)Wonder, Stevie
Party Crowd (G)Murphy, David Lee
Party's Over, The (B)Holliday, Judy
Passion (Gm)Belle, Regina
Passionate Kisses (D)Carpenter, Mary-Chapin
Pat-A-Pan (Willie Take Your Drum)(Em-Fm) (Children)
Patches (A)King, B.B. & Jones, G
Patience (C)GunsN' Roses
Pay Attention (E) (Sister Act II)
Paying The Cost To Be The Boss (A)King, B.B
Peace Be Still (B-Db)Lacy, Tyrone/Roth, Amy
Peace In Our Time (C)Money, Eddie
Peace In The Valley (Eb) (Gospel)
Peaceful Easy Feeling  (E)The Eagles
Pecos Promenade (D-E)Tucker, Tanya
Peg O' My Heart(Medley) (Bb) (Standard)
Pennies From Heaven (Ab)Sinatra, Frank
Pennsylvania Polka, The (F-Bb) (Standard)
Penny Lane (C)Beatles
Penny Lover (G)Richie, Lionel
People (Bb)Streisand, Barbra
People Are Strange (Em)The Doors
People Get Ready (D-Eb)Stewart, Rod
People Got To Be Free (F)Rascals
People Need The Lord (D)Green, Steve
People Will Say We're In Love (D) (Oklahoma)
Perdere L'amore (C#-C)Farina, Enrico
Perfect Kiss, The (Bb-D)Midler, Bette
Perfect Love (F) Yearwood, Trisha
Perfect World (Dm)Lewis, Huey
Perfect Year, The (F-F#) (Sunset Boulevard)
Perfectly Marvelous (C-Bb) (Cabaret)
Perfidia (Cm-C-D) (Latin Standard)
Perhaps Love (A) Denver, John & Domingo, Placido
Personality (F)Price, Lloyd
Personally (C)McDowell, Ronnie
Persuasion (Fm)Santana
Peter Cottontail (C) (Standard)
Phantom Of The Opera, The (Dm-Em)Webber, A Lloyd
Philadelphia Freedom (Bb)John, Elton
Phones Are Ringin' All Over Town (Eb)McBride, Mtina
Photograph (C)Starr, Ringo
Photographs And Memories (G)Croce, Jim
Physical (Em)Newton-John, Olivia
Piano (C-Eb)Farina, Enrico
Piano In The Dark (Em)Russell, Brenda
Piano Man (C)Joel, Billy
Pick A Bale Of Cotton (D-F) (Children)
Pick A Little, Talk A Little/GoodnightLadies(G(MMan)
Pick A Pocket Or Two (Fm) (Oliver)
Pick Yourself Up (F)Kern, Jerome
Pickup Man (G)Diffie, Joe
Picture Of Me (Without You) , A (A-Bb)Morgan, Lorrie
Picture Postcards From L.A. (C)Kadison, Joshua
Pie Jesu (Requiem) (Ab)Webber, Andrew Lloyd
Piece Of My Heart (E)Joplin, Janis
Piece Of Sky, A (Eb-D)Streisand, Barbra
Pieces Of Dreams (Bb)Bassey, Shirley
Pinball Wizard  (B-D)  (Tommy)
Pink Cadillac  (E)Springsteen, Bruce
Pink Cashmere (Ab)Prince
Pink Elephants On Parade (Am) (Children)
Place In This World (B-C)Smith, Michael W
Place To Fall Apart, A (A)Haggard, Merle
Place Where You Belong, The (Dm)Shai
Places That Belong To You (Ab-Bb)Streisand, Barbra
Plant You Now, Dig You Later  (Eb) (Pal Joey)
Play Me (D)Diamond, Neil
Play That Funky Music (White Boy) (Rap)Vanilla Ice
Pleasant Valley Sunday (A)Monkees
Please Come To Boston (E)Loggins, Dave
Please Don't Go (C#)KC And The Sunshine Band
Please Don't Go, Girl (Eb-E)New Kids On The Block
Please Don't Stop Loving Me (Ab)Presley, Elvis
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'M Gone(E(Stndrd)
Please Forgive Me (A-B)Adams, Bryan
Please Help Me, I'm Falling (G)Locklin, Hank
Please Mr. Postman (A)Carpenters
Please Mr. Sun (G)Ray, Johnnie
Please, Mister, Please (F)Newton-John, Olivia

Please, Please Me (F)Beatles
Please, Please, Please (F)Brown, James
Pleasure Principle, The (Dm)Jackson, Janet
Pledging My Love (C#)Harris, Emmylou
Pobre Diablo (Gm)Iglesias, Julio
Pocket Full Of Gold (F)Gill, Vince
Pocket Of A Clown (A)Yoakam, Dwight
Point Of No Return  (Fm)Webber, Andrew Lloyd
Poison (Rap)Bell Biv Devoe
Poison Ivy (Ab)Coasters
Pomp And Circumstance (Instrumental)Elgar
Pony Time (F)Checker, Chubby
Poor Boy (C#)Presley, Elvis
Poor Butterfly (A) (Standard)
Poor Butterfly (C-F)Vaughan, Sarah
Poor Little Fool (C)Nelson, Ricky
Poor Man's Roses, A (A-Bb)Cline, Patsy
Poor, Poor Pitiful Me (C#)Clark, Terri
Pop Life (A-Bb)Prince
Por Un Poco De Tu Amor (Dm)Iglesias, Julio
Pore Jud Is Daid (E) (Oklahoma)
Portrait Of My Love, A (C-Db)Monro, Matt
Possession (Bm)McLachlan, Sarah
Pour On The Power (F-G)Patti, Sandi
Pour Some Sugar On Me (F)Def Leppard
Power Of Goodbye, The Madonna
Power Of Love, The (Ab)Dion, Celine
Power Of Love/Love Power (C-A)Vandross, Luther
Power Of The Dream (Bb-C#)Dion, Celine
Practice What You Preach (G)White, Barry
Pray (Rap)M.C. Hammer
Pray For Me (G)Smith, Michael W
Prayer (F-Gb) Petra
Prayer For The Dying, A (Am)Seal
Precious Lord, Take My Hand (G)Presley, Elvis
Precious Memories (Ab) (Gospel)
Precious Moments (Eb-E)Forester Sisters
Prelude To A Kiss (Ab)Wilson, Nancy
Prepare Ye (B) (Godspell)
Pretend (Bb)The Mavericks
Pretty Baby (Eb) (Standard)
Pretty Girl (C)Jon B
Pretty Little Adriana (F) Gill, Vince
Pretty Paper (D)Nelson, Willie
Price Of Love, The (F)Bad English
Pride And Joy (Bb)Gaye, Marvin
Prima Donna  (C-Bb)Webber, Andrew Lloyd
Prince Ali  (Bbm-Cm) (Aladdin)
Prisoner Of Love (Eb)Eckstine, Billy
Private Dancer (Em)Turner, Tina
Procuro Olvidarte (Bm) (Latin Standard)
Prologue (Instrumental)West Side Story
Promise I Make, A (G-Eb) Dakota Moon
Promise Of A New Day, The (Ab)Abdul, Paula
Promised Land, The (A)Presley, Elvis
Promises (Bb)Basia
Promises Broken (E)Soul Asylum
Promises, Promises (D)Warwick, Dionne
Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox (If I Die) (A)Diffie, Joe
Proud Mary (D)Turner, Tina
Prove Your Love (Em-Fm)Dayne, Taylor
Psychedelic Shack (C)Temptations
Puff, The Magic Dragon (A)Peter Paul And Mary
Puppet On A String(Girl Happy) (F#-G)Presley, Elvis
Puppy Love (G-Ab)Anka, Paul
Pure Love (G-Ab)Milsap, Ronnie
Purple Rain (Bb)Prince
Push (F#)Matchbox 20
Push It  (Rap)SaltN Pepa
Put  Little Love In Your Heart (F-F#)Green, A./Lennox, A
Put It There, Pal (C)Hope, Bob
Put On A Happy Face (F) (Bye Bye Birdie)
Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet(Medley) (Ab) (Standard)
Put On Your Sunday Clothes (E-F) (Hello Dolly)
Put Some Drive In Your Country (A)Tritt, Travis
Put That On Everything (Em)Brandy
Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey(Medl) (C) (Standard)
Put Your Hand In The Hand (A)Murray, Anne
Put Your Head On My Shoulder (A)Anka, Paul
Put Yourself In My Shoes (A)Black, Clint
Puttin' On The Ritz (Cm)Fitzgerald, Ella
Quando, Quando, Quando  (C-Db)Humperdinck, Engelb
Que Nivel De Mujer (F)Miguel, Luis
Que No Se Rompa La Noche (Dm)Iglesias, Julio
Que Rest T'il De Nos Amours (C)Trenet, Charles
Que Sera Sera (A)Day, Doris
Queen Of Hearts (D-E)Newton, Juice
Queen Of Memphis (G)Confederate Railroad
Queen Of My Double Wide Trailer (A)Kershaw, Sammy
Queen Of The Night (A)Houston, Whitney
Quicksand (Bb)Martha & The Vandellas
Quiereme (F#)Iglesias, Julio
Quiereme Mucho (Dm-D)Iglesias, Julio
Quiero (Ebm-Eb-E)Iglesias, Julio
Quiero Amanecer Con Alguien (F#m) (Latin Standard)
Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars (C)Sinatra, Frank
Quisqueya (F)Pirela, Felipe
Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) (A) Backstreet Boys
Quittin' Time (D)Carpenter, Mary-Chapin
Quiza, Quiza, Quiza (Gm-G)Mijares
Quizas, Quizas, Quizas (Eb)Iglesias, Julio

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