Someday (D-E)All-4-One
Someday  (Dbm)Carey, Mariah
Someday I'm Coming Back (Em)Stansfield, Lisa
Someday My Prince Will Come (D-Eb) (Disney)
Someday Soon (G)Collins, Judy
Someday We'll Be Together (Db)The Supremes
Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You) (Db-D)Cline, P
Someone Could Lose AHeartTonight(Em)Rabbitt, Eddie
Someone Else's Dream (F)Hill, Faith
Someone Else's Star (Eb)White, Bryan
Someone Else's Trouble Now (B)Highway 101
Someone Like You (F#-G)Eder, Linda
Someone That I Used To Love (Bb-Eb)Cole, Natalie
Someone To Love (F#m)Jon B. Featuring Babyface
Someone To Watch Over Me (G)Fordham, Julia
Someplace Far Away (C)Ketchum, Hal
Somethin' Else (F)Little Richard/Tucker, Tanya
Something (C)Beatles
Something About The WayYouLookTonight(F#) John, E
Something About You (Bb)Four Tops
Something Beautiful Remains (Cm)Turner, Tina
Something For The Pain (E)Bon Jovi
Something Happened On  Way ToHeaven(Eb)Collins, P
Something In Common (Am)Brown/Houston
Something In Red (F-G)Morgan, Lorrie
Something In Your Eyes (F#m)Bell Biv Devoe
Something Of A Dreamer (C)Carpenter, Mary-Chapin
Something Stupid (E)Sinatra, N./Sinatra, F
Something That We Do (G) Black, Clint
Something To Believe In (D)Eder, Linda
Something To Remember You By (C-Eb) (Standard)
Something To Talk About (Ab)Raitt, Bonnie
Something Wonderful (A) (King And I)
Something's Always Wrong (Em)ToadThe Wet Sprocket
Something's Coming  (D) West Side Story
Something's Gotta Give (C)Davis, Sammy Jr
Sometimes I Wonder Why (C-Db)Baker, Anita
Sometimes I'm Happy (F) (Standard)
Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough (Bb)Smyth, Patty
Sometimes She Forgets (G)Tritt, Travis
Somewhere (E) (West Side Story)
Somewhere(Ballet)  (E) (West Side Story)
Somewhere Along The Way (D)Cole, Nat "King"
Somewhere Between (Eb-F)Bogguss, Suzy
Somewhere In My Broken Heart (C)Dean, Billy
Somewhere In My Lifetime (F-Gb)Hyman, Phillis
Somewhere In The Night (Bb-C)Manilow, Barry
Somewhere My Love (Dr. Zhivago) (A)Jones, Jack
Somewhere Out There (C)Ingram/Ronstadt
Somewhere Tonight (B)Highway 101
Somos (Dm)Iglesias, Julio
Song For The Life (D)Jackson, Alan
Song Is You, The (C)Sinatra, Frank
Song Of Old Hawaii, A (Eb)Williams, Andy
Song Of The Island (Eb)Williams, Andy
Song Of The Sabia (Eb)Jobim, Antonio Carlos
Song Of The South (A)Alabama
Song Remembers When, The (F)Yearwood, Trisha
Song Sung Blue (C)Diamond, Neil
Songbird (C)Fogelberg, D. & Weisberg
Songs Of Life (Bb)Diamond, Neil
Sono Io (Gb-G-Ab-A)Iglesias, Julio
Soolaimon (D)Diamond, Neil
Soon (A)Tucker, Tanya
Soon And Very Soon (Female) (C-Db-D)Crouch, Andrae
Soon As I Get Home (B)Evans, Faith
Sooner Or Later (C-C#)Grassroots
Sopa De Caracol (E) (Latin Standard)
Sophisticated Lady (Eb)Ronstadt, Linda
Soul Inspiration (C-Db)Baker, Anita
Soul Man (E-F)Blues Brothers
Soul Of My Soul (C#)Bolton, Michael
Soul Provider (F-G)Bolton, Michael
Sound Of Music, The (D) (Sound Of Music)
Sound Of Silence, The  (Ebm)Simon And Garfunkel
South Of The Border (Ab)Cline, Patsy
South Of The Border (Down Mexico Way) (C)Sinatra, Fr
South Street (C)The Orlons
South's Gonna Do It, The (A)Charlie Daniels Band
Southbound (A-Bb)Kershaw, Sammy
Southern Nights (E)Campbell, Glen
Southern Star (Bb)Alabama
Sov, Sov, Sov/MyDreidle (F)Children
Soy Un Truhan, Soy Un Senor (Cm-C)Iglesias, Julio
Space Jam (Bm)Quad City DJ's
Spanish Eyes (Bb)Humperdinck, Engelbert
Spanish Harlem  (C)King, Ben E
Sparkle (F#-B)Gill, Vince
Speak Low (Db)Streisand, Barbra
Speak Softly Love (Cm) (Godfather)
Spellbound (Gbm)Abdul, Paula
Spend Some Time (C#m)Brand New Heavies
Spend The Night (Em)N-Phase
Spice Up Your Life (Fm) Spice Girls
Spider Web (Gm)Osborne, Joan
Spilled Perfume (D)Tillis, Pam
Spinning The Wheel (C#m)Michael, George
Spinning Wheel (Dm)Blood, Sweat And Tears
Spinning Wheel, The (D) Irish Traditional 
Splish Splash (C)Darin, Bobby
Spoon Full Of Sugar, A (F) (Mary Poppins) (Disney)
Spring Can Really Hang You Up  Most (A)Midler, B
Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year (Bb)Vaughan, S
Squeeze Me (C)Waller, Fats
St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion) (A)Parr, John
St. Teresa (Am)Osborne, Joan
Stagger Lee (E)Price, Lloyd
Stairway To Heaven (F)Sedaka, Neil
Stairway To The Stars (C) (Standard)
Stand (E-G#)R.E.M .
Stand  (Ab)Sly And The Family Stone
Stand Back (Bm)Nicks, Stevie
Stand By Me (A)King, Ben E
Stand By Your Man (A)Wynette, Tammy
Stand Still And Know (F)Hawkins, Tramaine
Stand Up (E)Def Leppard
Standing In The Shadows Of Love (Bbm)Four Tops
Standing Knee Deep In A River (C-C#)Mattea, Kathy
Standing On The Corner (F) (Most Happy Fella)
Standing On The Promises (Bb) (Gospel)
Standing Outside The Fire (A)Brooks, Garth
Standing Tall (Bb)Morgan Lorrie
Standing Together (D-Eb)Benson, George
Star People (C#m)Michael, George
Star Spangled Banner (H) (Bb) (Am Traditional)
Stardust (Ab)Cole, Nat "King"
Starry Skies And Sleepy Eyes/Rest Little One ()Child
Stars (F) (Les Miserables)
Stars Fell On Alabama (G) (Standard)
Stars Over Texas (E)Lawrence, Tracy
Start Me Up (C)Rolling Stones
Startin' Over Blues (D)Diffie, Joe
Starting All Over Again (G-Ab)McEntire, Reba
State Of Attraction (Cm)Abdul, Paula
State Of Mind (D)Black, Clint
Statte Ricino (F) Italian Standard
Statue Of A Fool (C)Van Shelton, Ricky
Stay (Ab)Shakespear's Sister
Stay (Faraway, So Close!) (Eb)U-2
Stay (I Missed You) From (C#)Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories
Stay Forever (Ab)Ketchum, Hal
Stay Gold (G)Wonder, Stevie
Stay With Me (A)Stewart, Rod
Stay With Me Tonight (Gm)Osborne, Jeffrey
Stayin' Alive (Fm)The Bee Gees
Staying Together (Bb)Gibson, Debbie

Steam (Eb)Gabriel, Peter
Steamy Windows (F)Turner, Tina
Stella By Starlight (G) Standard
Step By Step(Em)New Kids On The Block
Steppin' Out With My Baby (Dm)Bennett, Tony
Stiletto (F-Dm)Joel, Billy
Still (Db)Commodores
Still A Thrill (Fm)Watley, Jody
Still Crazy After All These Years (G-A)Simon, Paul
Still Doin' Time (D)Jones, George
Still In Love (B)McKnight, Brian
Still Of The Night (Em)Whitesnake
Still The Same (C)Seger, Bob
Still Water (Love) (Bb)Four Tops
Still With The Spirit (C)Forester Sisters
Stille Nacht (Bb) (Christmas)
Stir It Up (A)Marley, Bob
Stolen Moments (C)Watley, Jody
Stone Cold Country (A)Gibson/Miller Band
Stonecutters Cut It On Stone (F-Ab) (Carousel)
Stoned Soul Picnic (F)Fifth Dimension
Stood Up (F)Nelson, Ricky
Stop (C) Spice Girls
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (Em)Nicks/Petty
Stop In The Name Of Love (C)The Supremes
Stop On A Dime (A)Little Texas
Stop To Love (Db)Vandross, Luther
Storm In The Heartland (C)Cyrus, Billy Ray
Stormy (G)Classics IV
Stormy Weather (C)Arlen, Harold
Straight Life, The (D)Goldsboro, Bobby
Straight Talk (Eb)Parton, Dolly
Straight Up (Dm)Abdul, Paula
Straighten Up And Fly Right (Ab)Cole, Nat "King".
Stranded (Gb-G)Heart
Strange Brew (A)Clapton, Eric
Stranger In My Place, A (F#)Murray, Anne
Stranger In Paradise  (G) (Kismet)
Strangers (G)McBride, Martina
Strangers In The Night (F-G)Sinatra, Frank
Strangest Thing, The (Fm)Michael, George
Strawberry Fields Forever (A)Beatles
Strawberry Wine (C#)Carter, Deanna
Strawberry Woman  (C-G) (Porgy And Bess)
Street Of Dreams (Ab) (Standard)
Streets Of Bakersfield (A)Yoakam, Dwight
Streets Of Philadelphia (F)Springsteen, Bruce
Strength Of A Woman, The (F)Claypool, Phillip
Strike Up The Band (F)Gershwin, George
Strokin' (D)Carter, Clarence
Strong Enough (D)Crow, Sheryl
Strong Enough To Bend (A)Tucker, Tanya
Stronger Now (A)Warrant
Stuck On You (G)Presley, Elvis
Stuck With You (C-D)Lewis, Huey
Stupid Cupid (Eb)Francis, Connie
Suave (G-A)Miguel, Luis
Suber Die Glocken Nie Klingen (C) (Christmas)
Suddenly (Bbm-Bb)Ocean, Billy
Sue Me (Bb) (Guys And Dolls)
Sugar (Db)Wiley, Lee
Sugar Shack (G)Gilmer, Jimmy/Fireballs
Sugar Town (G)Sinatra, Nancy
Sugar, Sugar (D)Archies
Sugartime (F-Gb-G)McGuire Sisters
Suicide Blonde (Em)Inxs
Summer (The First Time) (C)Goldsboro, Bobby
Summer Breeze (Em)Seals & Croft
Summer In The City (Cm)Lovin' Spoonful
Summer Knows, The (Bbm-Bb)Legrand, Michel
Summer Nights (D) (Grease)
Summer Of '69 (D)Adams, Bryan
Summer Rain (F)Carlisle, Belinda
Summer Wind (C#-F)Sinatra, F./Iglesias, J
Summer Wine (Am)Sinatra, N./Hazelwood, L
Summer's Comin' (A)Black, Clint
Summer's End O'Connor, Sinead
Summertime  (Am)Gershwin, George
Summertime Blues (E)Cochran, Eddie
Summertime In Venice (Bb) Italian Traditional
Summertime, Summertime (F)Jamies
Sunday And Me (Bb)Jay And The Americans
Sunday Kind Of Love (C)McEntire, Reba
Sunday Morning (Ebm)Earth, Wind & Fire
Sunday Morning Coming Down (G)Cash, Johnny
Sunday Morning Sunshine (E)Chapin, Harry
Sunday Will Never Be The Same (D-Eb)Spanky & Our G
Sunny (Gm-Abm) (Standard)
Sunny Came Home (D) Colvin, Shawn
Sunrise, Sunset (Fm)Farina, Enrico
Sunset Boulevard (Fm-F#m) (Sunset Boulevard)
Sunset Grill (Ab)Henley, Don
Sunset People (Bm)Summer, Donna
Sunshine Of Your Love (D)Clapton, Eric
Sunshine On My Shoulders (Bb) Denver, John
Super Freak (Am)James, Rick
Super Love (D)Exile
Super Trouper (C)ABBA
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (A-C) (Disney)
Supersonic (Rap)J.J.Fad
Superstar  (D)Crow, Sheryl
Superstition (Cm)Wonder, Stevie
Superwoman (Ab)White, Karyn
Supper Time (G)Wilson, Nancy
Sure (Bb)Gibson, Debbie
Sure Thing (C)Kern, Jerome
Surf City (A-C)Jan & Dean
Surfer Girl (D-Eb)Beach Boys
Surfin' USA (D-Eb)Beach Boys
Surrender (Ebm)Presley, Elvis
Surrender To Me (Cm)Wilson, Ann
Surrey With The Fringe On Top, The (A) (Oklahoma)
Surround Me With Love (Bb)McClain, Charly
Suspicions (Ebm)Presley, Elvis
Suspicious Minds (G)Presley, Elvis
Sussudio  (C)Collins, Phil
Swanee (Dm-D)Jolson, Al
Sweet And Lovely (Ab) (Standard)
Sweet And Low Down (Cm) (Standard)
Sweet Betsy From Pike (C-Db) (Children)
Sweet Caroline (B)Diamond, Neil
Sweet Cherry Wine (C)James, Tommy & Shondells
Sweet Child O' Mine (Dm-Em)GunsN' Roses
Sweet Communion (Db)Crouch, Andrae
Sweet Country Music (Ab-Bb)Atlanta
Sweet Dreams (G)Cline, Patsy
Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This (Cm)Lennox/Eurythmics
Sweet Georgia Brown (C) (Standard)
Sweet Leilani (E)Williams, Andy
Sweet Little Sixteen (C#)Berry, Chuck
Sweet Lorraine (G)Cole, Nat "King"
Sweet Love (Bb)Baker, Anita
Sweet Nothin's (G)Lee, Brenda
Sweet Potato Pie (F-G)Taylor, James
Sweet Rosalyn  (G)Crow, Sheryl
Sweet Sensation (D)Mills, Stephanie
Sweet Surrender (A) McLachlan, Sarah
Sweet Thing (A-Bb)Blige, Mary J
Sweet Transvestite (E) (Rocky Horror Show)
Sweetest Days, The (Bb)Williams, Vanessa
Sweetest Taboo (Bbm)Sade
Sweetest Thing , The (G)Newton, Juice
Swing Down, Sweet Chariot (D)Presley, Elvis
Swinging Doors (G)Haggard, Merle
Swinging On A Star (F#)Crosby, Bing

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