U / V



U Can't Touch This (Rap)M.C. Hammer
U Got The Look (B)Prince
U Send Me Swingin' (F#m)Mint Condition
U.S. Of A. (F)Fargo, Donna
Uhh Ahh (F#m)Boz II Men
Um, Um, Um, Um, Um (A)Lance, Major
Un Amore Cosi Grande (Dm-Eb)Farina, Enrico
Un Beso Y Una Flor (A) (Latin Standard)
Un Canto A Galicia (Gb)Iglesias, Julio
Un Corazon Hecho Pedazos (D-E)Nazario, Ednita
Un Dia Tu Un Dia Yo (Gb)Iglesias, Julio
Un Hombre Solo (Bb)Iglesias, Julio
Un Poquito De Sabor (Cm-Dm) Latin Standard
Unanswered Prayers (D)Brooks, Garth
Unbreak My Heart (Bm-Dm)Braxton, Toni
Unchain My Heart (Abm)Charles, Ray
Unchain My Heart (Am)Cocker, Joe
Unchained Melody (E-F-G)Rawls, Lou
Unconditional Love (C)Summer, Donna
Uncoupled(Starlight Express)(Bb)Webber,A. Lloyd
Undeniable (Eb-F)Rimes, Leann
Under Paris Skies (Dm) (Standard)
Under The Boardwalk (G)Drifters
Under The Bridge (E)Red Hot Chili Peppers
Under The Sea (Bb-C) (Walt Disney-Little Mermaid)
Underneath The Stars (G)Carey, Mariah
Understanding (G)Xscape
Uneasy Rider (C)Charlie Daniels Band
Unexpected Song (Eb-Ab)Webber, A.L
Unforgettable (Bb)Cole, Natalie/Cole, Nat "King"
Uninvited (D) Morissette, Alanis
Untanglin' My Mind (D)Black, Clint
Until I Fall Away (E)Gin Blossoms
Until I Find You Again (C-D)Marx, Richard
Until It's Time For You To Go (D)Presley, Elvis
Until The End Of Time (B)Foreigner
Until The Real Thing Comes Along  (Bb)Sinatra
Until You Come Back To Me (Bb-Eb)Franklin, Aretha
Untold Stories (A)Mattea, Kathy
Up And Gone (C)McCarters

Up Around The Bend (D)Creedence Clearwater Revival
Up On The Roof (A)Drifters
Up Where We Belong (D)Cocker, Joe
Up, Up And Away (C)Fifth Dimension
Upside Down (Gm)Ross, Diana
Upstairs Downtown (D)Keith, Toby
Uptight (EVerything's Alright) (C#)Wonder, Stevie
Uptown Girl (E)Joel, Billy
Uptown (C)Crystals
Use Me (Em)Withers, Bill
Ushavtem Mayim (Ebm) (Hebrew Traditional)
Ushavtem Mayim/Harmonikah/Shibbolete/Sovi/
                                   (Instr) Jewish Folk)

Vacation (F)Francis, Connie
Valentine (C#) McBride, Martina
Valley Road, The (A)Hornsby, Bruce & Range
Vaya Con Dios (Bb)Paul, Les & Mary Ford
Veleta (Eb-F)Lucero
Very Best Is You, The (E)McClain, Charly
Very Special Love Song, A (C)Rich, Charlie
Very Thought Of You, The (Gb) (Standard)
Via Dolorosa (Fm)Patti, Sandi
Vibeology (Ebm)Abdul, Paula
Vibin' (Bbm)Boyz II Men
Vidalia (A-B)Kershaw, Sammy
View To A Kill, A (C-Ab)Duran Duran
Vincent (G)MClean, Don
Vision Of Love (C)Carey, Mariah
Visions Of A Sunset (C)Stockman, Shawn
Viva Las Vegas (G)Presley, Elvis
Vocee Notte (Gm)Farina, Enrico
Vogue (Abm)Madonna
Voice Of The Heart (G-A)Ross, Diana
Voice Your Choice (F)The Radiants
Voices That Care  (Eb)Voices That Care
Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu) (A)Martin, Dean
Voodoo (Bb)Pendergrass, Teddy
Vows Go Unbroken , The (D)Rogers, Kenny
Voy A Conquistar Tu Amor (C)Rivera, Johnny

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